Superhost! The best green hosting webspace for your website!
Superhost! The best green hosting webspace for your website!

Superhost brings you web hosting with all the bells and whistles with a price that will keep you whistling all the way to the bank!


Superhost has web hosting packages to fit most any need from the blogger to the small business owner Superhost has got you covered. With Superhost you get all the webspace and tools you need plus more to accomplish your online goals. Put your webspace to work, your imagination is the limit! Create your own wordpress blog, website for your business or even an e-commerce website.


At Superhost we care about the environment. Hosting servers are quickly becoming the largest producer of environmental pollution today! Here at Superhost our servers use windmill power to help cut back on our carbon footprint. With Superhost you can proudly display a hosted green emblem  on all of your websites and be a superhero to our planet! Check out our Green Hosting page to learn more about what it means to use a green webspace.

Superhost! The best green hosting webspace for your website!
Cpanel web hosting manager

Cpanel is your main gateway into your hosting account, giving you total control over your webspace!

From within your Cpanel Manager you have access to hundreds of scripts ready to be installed. Web builder scripts, blog scripts, calendar scripts, ad managers, e-commerce scripts, classified ads scripts, and much more!


  • Create an unlimited number of SQL databases to use with your scripts.
  • Create an unlimited amount of emails addresses to accommodate all your needs.
  • Create an email address for each of your employees or addresses for different job titles or whatever your needs may be.
  • Create an unlimited number of FTP accounts to satisfy your server upload requirements.
  • CloudFlare is free with all of our hosting accounts. Install CloudFlare from within your Cpanel for add security and optimization of your website.
  • Move your website up the rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines with multiple tools to assist you with your websites SEO strategy.
  • Explore your Cpanel manager to see what else Cpanel can do for you!
Superhost! The best green hosting webspace for your website!
Softaculous auto script installer
Softaculous auto script installer
Softaculous auto script installer

Softaculous is an auto script installer with over 300 scripts to choose from. Whatever your scripting needs are Softaculous has probably got exactly what you need to get the job done!

Choose from over 50 different website builder programs including Drupal, Joomla, PhPFusion, and Concrete5. Blog software like Wordpress, Serendipity, Ghost, Nibbleblog, and more. You get forum scripts, image galleries, Wiki scripts, ad managers, social networking scripts, calendar scripts and the list goes on and on. Want to create an online store? There are 20+ e-commerce scripts to help get you up and running in no time. Need to provide customer support? Softaculous has a script for that! Need to design an online classroom? Softaculous has a script for that!

RSS feeds, Polling and Survey scripts, guest books, music players, file managers and so much more! There is so much you can do with your webspace!

Softaculous not only saves you time from having to search the internet to find scripts that you need, but it saves you time by installing your scripts for you, creating any necessary databases, and even helps you update your scripts to new versions.